Pilot Pathways Program
Flying for Horizon Air

Pilot Pathways Program

Expand your horizons

The Alaska Airlines Pilot Pathways Program provides the most direct flight path for Horizon pilots seeking to become pilots for Alaska Airlines.

Horizon and Alaska Airlines share a goal to create a rewarding career at the Air Group family of airlines and to make the move from regional to a major airline, if desired, as simple as possible. Each year we recruit internally from Horizon for Alaska new pilot hires via the Pilot Pathways program.

How it works

Entering the Program
  • For current Horizon pilots, application to the Pathways Program will be available quarterly.
  • For Horizon pilot candidates, interviews for both Horizon and Alaska will take place the same day.
  • Horizon Pilot Development Program pilots are eligible to apply upon joining Horizon.
Getting Ready for Takeoff

Current or potential Horizon pilots who successfully complete a Pilot Pathways Program interview with Alaska Airlines will be placed onto the Alaska Airlines “Pathways List” in order of their Horizon seniority number. Pilots will remain on the Pathways List until they withdraw from the program, become ineligible to participate, or they are offered a pilot position with Alaska Airlines.

For Horizon pilots on the Pathways List, the experience required to be eligible for a class date at Alaska Airlines is to complete 1,000 hours as a pilot in command at Horizon Air.

Welcome to Alaska!

Class dates will be assigned based on Horizon seniority.

Alaska Airlines will not receive from Horizon any background checks nor confidential medical information not subject to PRIA. Alaska Airlines will conduct its own background checks including a PRIA review.

Things Change...
  • A pilot may voluntarily request to defer or withdraw their name from the Pathways List.
  • A pilot who requests to defer an Alaska hire date may request to be reinstated after a deferral, by providing 90-day notice.