It’s Time for Your Pilot Career to Take Flight

No matter where you are in your pilot career, you’re going places. Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have open pilot jobs for everyone; from those just earning their wings to tried and true career pilots. When you begin seeking jobs for pilots in the Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air family, you are embarking on a great adventure - and it all starts here.

Launch Your Pilot Career with our Pilot Training and Development Programs

For pilots just starting out or still working on their minimum requirements, our pilot training and development programs at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air provide a path to aviation pilot jobs that are fulfilling and meaningful; knowing that flying is more than a job - it’s a passion. Our pilots come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and our diversity is one of our biggest strengths. We encourage and empower every employee to chart their own path from pilot training, to First Officers, to Captains.

Alaska Air Group Pilot Career Journey

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Our History of Aviation and Flying Excellence

When you join Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, you are continuing a rich heritage of aviation. The company that eventually became Alaska Airlines came to life in 1932, then called McGee Airways. Eventually merging with Star Air Service, the group became the largest airline in Alaska. Since then, we have faced the challenges of history with pride and grace, and we will continue to do so - and we would love you to join us! Through it all, we strive to invest in our people, providing jobs for pilots that are inclusive and empowering. You can trust Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air to guide you every step of the way, from First Officer to Captain.

Pilot jobs are more than jobs. They’re a lifestyle.

When it comes to pilots, we know there is no typical airline pilot. Our aviators are passionate about flying. When you accept a job as a pilot with Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air, you are joining a company that is pro-pilot, which means, pro-YOU. We trust each aviator to live their values in and out of the cockpit:

  • Own
  • Deliver
  • Do the
    Right Thing
  • Be Kind
  • Be

Read about one way our pilots live these values


Aviation jobs at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are rewarding. Our jobs require our people to work hard and so we promise to work just as hard supporting our employees and their families. Our comprehensive benefits include health care, paid time off, family and medical leave, matching 401ks, bonus programs, holiday pay, an employee stock purchase plan, unlimited travel for employees and their loved ones on Alaska and Horizon on a stand-by basis, discounted full-price fares and so much more.
Our United States jobs are located throughout the country. Alaska Airlines has domiciles in Seattle, Portland, Anchorage, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. From there, we fly to destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Belize.
If you’re looking for pilot or aviation jobs, this is the place to start! Once you have all the certifications, visit websites and contact potential airlines to inquire about their jobs. Check back frequently and be persistent – and most importantly, keep flying to keep your minimums current to secure your aviation job. If you are new to flying or working on your minimums and certifications, check out our Ascend Pilot Academy and Pilot Development Program which offer financial assistance and career guidance to help you reach your pilot career goals.
To become a commercial aviation pilot, first you will need to earn your private pilots license, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Many airline pilots start in a single-engine airplane (or some pilots pilot simulator first!) to learn the fundamentals of flying. From there, pilots will need to earn an instrument rating under Instrument Flight Rules and demonstrate their capability to fly in all kinds of weather. Some pilots choose to receive their instructor pilot license at this point and earn money to pay for pilot training costs as a flight instructor. Our Ascend Pilot Academy offers financial assistance and pilot career guidance to provide aspiring pilots a simpler, more financially accessible path to becoming a student pilot.

Then, pilots can work on their commercial aviation certification with a multi-engine rating, and then gain experience and relevant flight information. All commercial aviators must meet the requirements of the Airline Transportation Pilot (ATP) certificate, which includes a minimum of 1,500 hours total flight time (more with some airlines). The Horizon Air Pilot Development Program was designed to help student pilots achieve these goals, by offering a $12,500 stipend and mentorship from a professional pilot. As you near your hiring minimums, secure an airline pilot interview with Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air!