Ground service agent on the runway
Ground service agent on the runway

Airport Customer Services

Making each interaction count

Customer service teams at the airport focus on different areas of the guest experience to create an airline with award-winning customer service. On these teams, you’ll learn airport operations from the ground up, giving you experience to grow your career throughout Alaska and Horizon.

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Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines Ramp Agents

Get guests their bags in 20 minutes or less. They also play a critical role in on-time performance, marshaling aircraft for takeoff and gate approach.

Alaska Airlines Cargo Agents

Work exclusively with our cargo planes to get life’s essentials and important deliveries to communities where we fly.

Alaska Airlines Customer Service Agents (CSAs)

Check-in passengers from around the world, handle baggage (from suitcases to surfboards), make gate announcements, and answer a lot of questions.

Alaska Airlines Lounge

Our Concierges create remarkable experiences for lounge guests with their welcoming personalities and can-do attitudes. Our Hospitality Hosts work alongside Concierges to ensure our lounges are clean and well stocked with delicious food and refreshing beverages.

horizon air
Horizon Air Ground Service Agents

Direct aircraft for takeoff and gate approach, load and unload luggage, de-ice planes, and assist guests in getting on and off the aircraft. Off the ramp and on breaks, this group bonds over working hard together.

Horizon Air Passenger Service Agents (PSAs)

Work directly with our customers at the airport, from ticketing and check-in at the gate to boarding.

Horizon Air Customer Service Agents (CSAs)

Perform all the PSA duties, but also guide planes to the gate and even load luggage.

Working at the airport

From smaller airports in cities like Sitka, Alaska to larger-scale stations like Los Angeles International Airport our customers depend on us 365 days a year. You should be able to work a shift that starts as early as 4 AM or a shift that ends that as late as 1 AM, including evenings and holidays. While senior agents usually have the first choice of shifts, you have the flexibility to trade shifts with other agents. If you can flex with this schedule, doors to a bright future will open wide.

How we hire

After reviewing applications, we select and invite applicants to either attend a group hiring event or a one-on-one interview. In both settings, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the job and ask plenty of questions to a recruiter or a hiring manger.