Flying for Alaska Airlines
Flying for Alaska Airlines

Ascend: Flight Attendant Pathways Program

Rise to the next level

As a Horizon flight attendant in the Pathways Program, you’ll receive preferential consideration when you’re ready to move to Alaska. But you’ll get even more. You’ll make close connections with our Alaska team and have an insider’s view of how we are creating an airline people love.

How it works

  • Be a current Horizon flight attendant in good standing and in the role for six months
  • Successfully complete flight attendant training and probation at Horizon
  • Submit your application to the internal Pathways Program job posting; the job posting is open twice a year and Horizon flight attendants are notified in advance
  • Interview with the Alaska flight attendant hiring team. Successful candidates are added to the Pathways pool based on their Horizon flight attendant seniority.
  • Continue in current role at Horizon
  • To transfer to Alaska Airlines, you will need to be in good standing at Horizon and be able to fly into all Alaska Airlines stations