Ascend Pilot Development Program
Flying for Horizon Air

Pilot Development Program

Get ready to soar

When you’re a student pilot, finding the right support and guidance for beginning a piloting career can be challenging. Horizon Air is here to help. Private pilots who are enrolled in our pilot development program will receive a $12,500 stipend, have opportunities to develop skills through mentoring from a professional pilot, and be included in special events. After completing the program and meeting all qualifications, you’ll be assigned a class date with Horizon Air.

How it works

  • Enroll at a participating school
  • Apply for the pilot development program at
  • Interview for the program
  • Receive a flight training stipend of $12,500: $5000 after instrument and $7500 after commercial.
  • Be a CFI at your school to build hours
  • Keep Horizon Air informed of your progress until you meet ATP/R-ATP mins
  • Become a Horizon Air pilot